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When you dine at OLIVEMARE, it may be hard to decide, but it’s impossible to be disappointed. Match our menus to your mood, then let our chefs and outstanding servers do the rest.

Olivemare aims to present you the healthy way of the Greek traditional cuisine, while making local ingredients shine.
Guests fly in, but our ingredients don’t. They come from the island. Everything we need grows here. It’s seasonal, fresh-as-can-be, sustainable and delicious. Our chefs are constantly creating, but the menus always offer the super-healthy and the downright indulgent.O Olivemare offers unique culinary experiences for foodies willing to experience all the flavors of the island.

Opening Hours
Daily menu: 8.00 - 19.00
Dinner menu: 19.00- 21.30

Reservations for dinner accepted until 15.00
Dining Info
* Serving at the pool, room and garden dining area
** Orders in the cuisine and the reception
***Room service no charge (direct call 41)
Dress code: Informal
Olivemare gives great importance to the first meal of the day. Everyday a different buffet is created with traditional Kefalonian pastries and savory goodies.

Breakfast at Olivemare is a feast of local flavors and each day provides fresh inspiration for our menus. Wake up and relax over a gorgeous Greek buffet breakfast, created daily with only the freshest of produce.

To start the day, we offer you a complete breakfast:

Hot drinks, freshly squeezed fruit juices, freshly baked bread, fresh fruit, cold meats, eggs, Kefalonian crepes, cakes, tarts, dairy products, cereals, local cheeses, homemade jams and butter and other special pastries.
Olivemare aims to present you the healthy way of the Greek traditional cuisine.
Every day we present you different pastries of local recipes, we use high quality ingredients for your health and good digestion.
Discover an artful blend of traditions and unique flavors, simple recipes that tell our story.

The hotel has a private traditional a la carte restaurant that offers the most authentic flavors of the region and a cuisine to awaken the senses. Seasonal ingredients, extra virgin olive oil, local meat, fresh fish straight from the sea, freshly-made pasta and locally grown herbs all create a quintessential and light cuisine with special Kefalonian dishes.

Relive the simplicity and warmth of a simpler time, where recipes and flavors are handed down to the next generation. The mother of the owner, Katerina, holds all the secrets of our cuisine, while our skillful chef Gallini creates dishes that stay true to the island and will pleasantly surprise even the most discerning palettes.

Olivemare places a large focus on fresh ingredients that produce the most beautiful flavors, and each dish is presented with care. A visit here is an experience you will treasure forever, and the restaurant is perfect for guests who simply want to get a true taste of Kefalonia.


Discover the details and secrets of wine with Olivemare. The hotel offers a variety of special Kefalonian wines, all from the well-known Sclavos Winery. With a family tradition in vine growing that dates back to 1919, Evriviades Sclavos makes use of the local varieties of the island, and creates original variety blends and very special wines. The fields have been organically cultivated since 1986, while a part of the vineyards has been cultivated for many years based on the principles of biodynamic farming.

Uncork the bottle, fill your glass and give thanks for the delicious gifts from the land of Kefalonia. Your wine experience at Olivemare will be nothing short of unique.


A selection of Kefalonian beers and wines are available. The mini bar is restocked daily and items consumed will be charged to your account. Please call room service should you need additional supplies.


All restaurant dishes can be served and enjoyed within the privacy of your very own terrace. Simply let us know and we will take care of everything.


Create lasting memories at Olivemare. If while staying with us, a special day requires a celebration, we are more than happy to provide you with a delicious cake.

Just let us know early to save the date!


Sun, fresh air and the magic of nature – do you need more? If you are up for a romantic picnic, you may order your snacks and drinks for your picnic basket. Let yourself be inspired by nature, the impressive scenery and the smell of your sweet and savory treats!

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