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Olive Mare Activities, Katelios, Kefalonia, Greece

Leisure activities 2012

Olivemare staff will assist you in order to find the perfect leisure activities to suit your personal needs. We will provide you with an updated map of Kefalonia and will help you to organize your excursions, e.g.

  • Trips around Kefalonia by traditional boat, visiting secluded beaches that are normally inaccessible by car
  • Day trips to neighbouring islands. You can visit Ithaka (the island of Odysseus), the famous ship wreck in Zakynthos and ancient Olympia in the Peloponese.
  • Olivemare's experienced staff can give you their personal advice in order to taste traditional and unique flavors around Kefalonia.
  • Sport activities, including sea kayaking around Kefalonia – a fantastic way to explore the islands' wonderful coastline from another perspective.
  • Walking adventures in the National Park of Mount Ainos – escape the heat and savour the shade of the endemic Kefalonian fir tree forests.
  • Attend traditional ceremonies (Panigiri) in the surrounding villages – these are planned on specific saints days so please ask the staff about the timetable.
  • Visit some of the many excellent wineries on Kefalonia, producing small quantities of specific Greek varieties of grapes and wines. Taste them all to discover your favourite!
  • Visit the environmental center in Katelios to learn more about the protected Loggerhead Sea Turtle that nests on nearby Mounda beach.
  • Massage treatments, meditation, Yoga and Reiki.
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